Eligibility and Financing

Eligibility for Lake Vista – Yuan Ching DBSS

You must meet the following conditions to buy Lake Vista – Yuan Ching DBSS:

  1. You must be a Singapore Citizen & your family nucleus must at least have another Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident
  2. You must be at 21 years old to buy or at least 35 years old, if buying under Joint Singles Scheme
  3. You must form a proper family nucleus in either one of the following scheme: Public / Fiance / Orphan / Joint Singles
  4. Your gross monthly household income must not exceed $10,000
  5. You, your spouse and any occupiers listed in the Application Form must not own or dispose any private property within 30 months before the application dateand Between the application date and the date of taking possession of the EC
  6. Every Singaporean household can only buy either a flat from the HDB / a DBSS flat from developer / an EC unit from developer twice

You can refer to HDB website to find out more or you can Contact Me @ 9878 1591 for more eligibility enquiry.


Financing Your Flat

Before buying any flat, it is important to do upfront financial planning to be aware of the financial commitment that is required. Below are some links for more information on Housing Grants and Financing planning!

DBSS Financial Plan

CPF Housing Grant

Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG) Scheme

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